Our Company

Upper Limit Performance & Engineering is a team-based company. Our staff can produce one-piece prototypes or machine high-quality production orders. As a result, we have developed into a multi-faceted machine shop.  We utilize 3D CAD design software SolidWorks® to create custom designs including 3rd and 4th axis designs. Therefore, we can take your product from start to finish quickly and efficiently.  Our commitment and dedication to excellence has created one of the most technologically advanced and fastest growing machine shops in the area!

Currently, the company has established customers within the following fields: High Performance Racing, Pharmaceuticals, Casting, 3D Printing, Automotive, Blow Molding, High Precision MIG/TIG Welding, and Robotics. In addition, we have the capability to design and create our own proprietary products. From plastic to steel, Upper Limit Performance & Engineering has the knowledge and expertise to create and produce products based on our customer’s unique preferences.

Upper Limit Performance & Engineering has the capability to complete C.N.C. Milling, C.N.C. lathe/turning, precision grinding, sand-blasting, MIG/TIG Welding. The company has access to a network of local machine shops that, in working together, can accomplish any C.N.C. and fabrication needed.

High Performance Racing



3D Printing


Laser Marking and Etching